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Muslim Wedding Card Wordings: Warming Your Heart With Traditional And Religious Values

Muslim Wedding Card Wordings

Muslim Wedding Card Wordings | Image Resource :
Islamic weddings are very different than other weddings hence care is taken when it comes to designing the invitation cards. The wordings used in the card also says a lot about the traditional and religious values of the family. Many ceremonies and rituals are performed both before and after the wedding celebrations. You can invite the guests for the wedding, which is called as ‘Nikah’ or for the reception function, called as ‘Walima’. Separate wedding cards can be designed for these functions or you can merge them as one and print a single card.
When it comes to the wedding card design, a lot of importance is given to the wordings. These words are taken from the holy Quran and are mostly written in Arabic scripts. These wordings are soul-warming and hence form an integral part of the wedding card. Muslim wedding card wordings come in poetic forms too. The traditional cards will contain a few verses from the holy Quran, but in recent times, poems are also embellished on to the cards.

Seek the Blessings of the Divine Through Unique Muslim Invitation Card Wordings!

In general, a Muslim wedding is designed strictly abiding by the laws of the holy Quran. The wedding card is also expected to be in that standards as they will be shared with the elders in the community. Normally, people opt for traditional verses when choosing Muslim invitation card wordings than adding new quotes or poetic verses. Nowadays, there are options where you can mix both and you can get help from the experts online.

Muslim Wedding Cards Wordings

Muslim Wedding Cards Wordings | Image Resource :
Since it requires a lot of research, it is best to seek help from professionals who have the best templates for Muslim invitation card wordings. In addition to the holy verses, you must also clearly mention the date, venue, directions to the place of the event, names of the elders, family members, relatives, etc. To make the cards look more stylish, you can add beads, stones, satin ribbons, frills, and other attachments.

Muslim Wedding Card Wordings: Special Verses For Your Special Day!

Nowadays, people opt for modern cards that come with various add-ons. Some include box type marriage cards along with small compartments for keeping sweets, dried fruits, nuts and chocolates. From scroll to box types, laser cuts to floral designs, you can pick the best card of your choice without hassles. Muslim wedding card wordings can also be picked online as there is a plethora of sites that provide excellent wordings to match your occasion. There are separate set of wordings and quotes for various functions held before and after the wedding.
You can either choose the scripts from the book or you can choose from the readily available templates. Almost all the people choose online sites to search for the best wordings as there are plenty to choose from. There are sites that are specifically designed to help design Muslim wedding cards. Finding such a site is not a cumbersome task as you can do it easily at just the wink of an eye! With the help of these sites, you can design some of the best cards and make your event into a memorable one!
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