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Know The Properties and Applications Before You Buy Titanium Powder

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Titanium dioxide powders also referred as ultrafine titanium are particles with a diameter as less as 100nm. These powders are extracted in their anatase and rutile forms, hence unlike the large white titanium powder, nanostructures are transparent, yet showcase exceptional UV absorption qualities. These powders are thus enabled with photo-catalytic activities too.
Today, these powders are commonly used for manufacturing effective sunscreens that are able to block almost 100% of UV radiation from penetrating into the epidermis (outer layer of the skin). While the photo-catalytic properties make it valuable as an additive for the making of construction materials such as self-cleaning windows and antifogging coatings.
The best part is, you can buy titanium powder online as the risks associated with the exposure of titanium powder to the skin is quite low and thus it is regarded to be a safer option in comparison to other forms of substrates that are meant for offering protection against UV rays. In fact, this variant is considered to be amongst the three most manufactured nanomaterials of the industry along with zinc oxide nanopowders and silicon nanopowders.

Buy Titanium Powder Online: The Significant Uses

As mentioned before, there are two significant uses of titanium oxide powders and these are: sunscreens and construction additives. Studies indicate that over 86% of the sunscreens that are used in the globe contain titanium nanopowders, which is nothing but an indication of widespread usage of this product and the potential difference that it can create in the cosmetic and skincare industry. These particles when used in the sunscreen are usually coated with the help of inert materials that prevent formation of damaging radicals when the skin comes in contact with ultraviolet rays.

Purchase Titanium Powder

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Next, almost every material seen in the construction and housing industry can be improved with the help of high-quality titanium nanopowders. You can use them in tiles, windows, paints, plastics and other products to harness its sterilizing and photo-catalytic properties. In fact, these powders are engineered to be used in advance solar panels and light emitting diodes (LED) as well.
Moreover, photo-catalytic compounds have an ability to decompose the various organic compounds that are present in wastewater. These products are at times coated along with alumina and silica or with other specific metals so as to conduct the desired applications. This makes titanium nanopowders as versatile as they can be.

The Synthesis of High Quality Titanium Nanopowders

It is undeniable that the quality of titanium nanopowders is based on their method of synthesis. These nanoproducts are usually manufactured with the help of three independent processes which are: sol-gel process, chloride process and sulphate process. In case of the chloride process, a synthetic or natural rutile gets chlorinated at 900-1000 degree Celsius and then the tetrachloride titanium gets converted into its rutile structure once again through vapor-phase oxidation.
While in case of sulphate process, either rutile or anatase gets digested by ilmenite in the presence of sulfuric acid to form nanostructures. Therefore, when you are looking for high-quality titanium nanopowders never forget to take an account of its method of synthesis.
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