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Copper Nanoparticles Synthesis

12 Nov 17 - 22:54

Copper Nanoparticles Synthesis Today - Applications And Synthesis

Copper Nanoparticles Synthesis

Copper Nanoparticles Synthesis | Image Resource :
A copper based particle that varies between 1 and 100 nm in size is called a copper nanoparticle. Copper nanoparticles are formed by natural processes as well as chemical methods. Like other nanoparticles, copper nanoparticles also find applications in various fields today for their efficiency as biomedical agents and colouring agents.


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Islamic Wedding Cards Design

07 Nov 17 - 05:19

Islamic Wedding Cards Design And Pattern: Unique and Eye-catching


Islamic Wedding Cards Design

Islamic Wedding Cards Design | Image Resource :
Muslim invitations are reputed for their ethnic designs and exquisite patterns and colors. The cards are designed to perfection keeping in mind the demanding requirements of every individual. The invitations are embellished with wordings and symbols from the holy book of Quran. Earlier, people used to choose from traditional cards as the choice...
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